• Rough draft
  • Guideline to Blog Entries

    Users that have visited eLTER sites through the TA-RA access scheme, are asked to report in a short blog post about both their positive and negative experiences.”

    You can check the previous blog posts of other the TA-RA teams provided on the eLTER website for inspiration. Below you can also find some guidelines on how to write your blog article.



    Provide a headline for your text, or if you cannot choose one, suggest several and the eLTER team will help you.



    it is not set in stone, you can choose to follow a chronological (diary-like) approach, or you can write an overview of your experience. It is possible to just describe your work and research, or you are very welcome to focus on the social and cultural side of your visit. 



    The lower limit of the blog is 700 words. There is no upper limit but usually texts over 2000 words are discouraged.



    Prepare a set of photos relevant to your article. They should be shot in landscape mode (unless portrait is necessary). The photos should have a short description, and names/institutions of the people (from left to right) if any appear on the image. It is perfectly fine to use your phone camera, no need for special equipment.



    are not encouraged to be recorded and embedded into the blog articles.



    Each blog article should be submitted 2 weeks after the end of the research visit, at most. More than one text per TA-RA team is welcome but not mandatory.



    Please provide your blog text and photo to ta-ra@elter-ri.eu. We will take care of the publication on our website